Sunday, August 12, 2007

So much going on - I can't keep my eyes straight!

Wow, so much has been going on. First, I am growing up a whole lot. I can hold my head up so well now and I am eager to stand up all over the place. It is great because now I get to play in some new toys - like the doorway bouncer! Right now I just stand there and smile...and move around a little, but soon enough I will be jumping high into the sky!

Then, I had a whirlwind tour around the U.S. We went to Scottsdale to visit grandparents and then went straight to Florida to visit mom's friend Kirsten and her new baby Colin! He is my new boyfriend!

Here I am on the airplane on my way to Scottsdale to visit Nanny and Papa Williams. It was good fun on the plane...and I was so good for mom on all my plane trips all week!

In Scottsdale, we visited with Nanny and Papa, went shopping a lot and ate out at some great restaurants. I got a bunch of new adorable outfits - and have already started wearing them! I am so fashionable. I had a great time in the 100 degree heat (it didn't even bother me much) and can't wait to visit them again! While I was in Scottsdale, I really found my voice! I have made lots of noises in my life so far, but all the sudden I realized how to control them and I was talking away the rest of the trip! I sound like a little owl and I repeat "Whoooo, Whoooo, Whooo" over and over again! Here I am with both Nanny and Papa while eating at the Tommy Bahama's restaurant!

After Scottsdale, it was off to Florida! Mom's friend Kirsten just had a baby boy about 7 weeks ago, so we wanted to go visit to meet him. I had a great time meeting Colin - we got along so well! Here I am with my buddy!

The heat in Florida was pretty bad, because the humidity is so high, but we got out and did something every day. We went shopping, ate lunches....and I had my first pool experience! Here I am lounging in my cute new bathing suit!

And here I am in the water.....I was a little unsure, but I liked it overall. I can't wait to swim again!

We were lucky that while we were in Florida, there was a space shuttle launch! My mom used to work at NASA and has seen lots of shuttle launches, but this was my first! I was very excited to see it. Here were are with Kirsten's mom and Kirsten on Cocoa Beach right before the launch.
And here is the shuttle way up in the sky after the launch. It was so cool to see....even though I didn't really notice it. But, I know I will appreciate it when I am older looking back at the pictures.

To finish up our trip in Florida, we stayed the night in Orlando with Tony, Kirsten's husband. He was there for a training course all week and we came to stay with him on his last night! Here we are at Universal Studios City Walk. We ate at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Company - in the picture below I am hanging out with Tony! I liked him! It was so fun to hang out with them all week! We will miss them! Mom tells me that when I am a little older, we will go visit again and go to Disney World!

So, these were my big adventures for the past week. We have a quiet week and a half and then we are off to Australia! Now that is SURE to be a big adventure! Here are all the pictures from the past few weeks.

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