Monday, July 16, 2007

My Mom and Dad are GRRRReat!

I have to admit - I have pretty cool parents. They take me all over the place! In the picture above with my daddy, we had just spent the entire day walking around the city on a beautiful day, stopping by the Fillmore Festival and then ending up at my favorite New Mexican restaurant, Green Chile Kitchen! I could eat there they could anyway.

Then, in the picture with mommy above, we were at the Alameda County fair in Pleasanton. It was a beautiful 90 degrees there. My parents love the hot weather, so they leave the city whenever it is cold there to venture into hot weather. The fair was really fun and quite an experience. I saw prize winning pigs, cows and sheep, cloggers, pig races, rides and lots of good fried food! I think I am going to like these places even better when I get a little older.

On July 4, it was actually a lovely day in San Francisco, so we went to Golden Gate Park to enjoy the weather and have a picnic. Here I am celebrating our nation's birthday! Yay America!

On July 8 - I was left for the first time somewhere without my parents. They had to celebrate their 1-year anniversary. They went to a fabulous Peruvian restaurant and I stayed with Aunt Nandita and Uncle Jochem. I love it was fine that mommy and daddy left me. Jochem makes me laugh and I love to fall asleep on Nandita. Mmmmm, comfy!
This week I also went to my first movie. Mommy and I went to the mommy and me movies at the Presidio Theater and saw Knocked Up. It is a great deal...because the movies are free and I get to go with my other baby friends! It was pretty good movie, but mommy had to cover my ears a few times because of the naughty language! This past weekend, we went to Tiburon for some more nice weather. We walked all over the place and ended with some margaritas on the bay (I had milk - proof below)! I love my life!

Here are the latest photos of my life!

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