Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wedding Bells for Ava...

Well, not exactly. She isn't getting married, but she did attend her first wedding recently. Above she is with daddy at the beautiful reception. On May 27, she attended the wedding of David and Emma McCulloch. She was very polite the entire time - not making a peep during the ceremony and sleeping soundly for most of the reception, so mommy and daddy could party hearty! The wedding was beautiful and though Ava did not cry, mommy shed a little tear. The reception was great - good food, wine and dancing. It was great to catch up with friends and for mom - it was great to drink some wine again!

Ava also has been continuing to get out and about otherwise as well. She has been on many, many walks to help mom get back in shape. She also started a mommy group and hangs out with some really great babies and moms. We go to the group every Tuesday and are looking forward to making some good friends!

On the weekends we have continued to enjoy having dad home and going on walks, going out to dinner and all in all, just enjoying our family time together.

Here are some shots from the wedding and some candids of Ava as well!

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Anonymous said...

I'm SO pleased we could give mummy a good excuse for hitting the bottle again! ;-)

We're delighted you had fun. We couldn't have hoped for a happier day. Being surrounded by our bestest friends and family for the whole event just added that little dab of perfection to an already special day. Thanks for joining us!