Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Warner Family Time!

Ava made her first trip to Charlotte to visit Grandma and Grandpa Warner and Uncle Ralph, soon to be Aunt Carey and Uncle Adam. It was a nervous time for mom, because she was traveling alone with Ava at 7 weeks old on two very long flights there and back. But, mom should have known that Ava was going to be her normal angel self. She didn't make one peep on both 5 hour flights! The people around us didn't even know there was a baby with me. She really is the best baby ever!

In Charlotte, Ava got to meet Grandpa and her two uncles for the first time and was excited to see Grandma again! It was both our first times seeing the new Warner house in Charlotte - since they just moved there a few months ago. The house is very cute and is in a wonderful neighborhood. We enjoyed ourselves in the hot weather - going for walks and visiting. Ava also got to meet her great uncle Carl - who lives just 35 minutes north of Charlotte - and his girlfriend Maryann.

While in Charlotte, Ava made her first real baby cooing sounds. She was playing with a new elephant toy and obviously got very excited. She also started grabbing for toys and smiling back at us more and more. Here she is playing with another new toy that Grandma bought - there are two Avas!

Here are some more pictures from her big trip. Now that Ava has flown to Charlotte - she is now ready to take on the world!

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