Monday, May 21, 2007

Ava is AWAKE!

In the past week or so, Ava has definitely woken up! She is awake for several stints throughout the day. It is so fun to see her big blue eyes and to get to know her personality! We have continued to do so much fun stuff. She goes on walks all the time - sometimes with her friends - and she goes out to dinner a lot. Jill had a FANTASTIC first Mother's day. Ava (Dave) suprised her with a yummy breakfast, flowers and a card outlining the rest of the day. The card told Jill that she was having a hot stone massage, had a gift card to one of her favorite baby clothes stores(Tea Collection) and was having dinner at a new restaurant in the Marina. She was so excited! Ava even signed the cards with an orange stamp of her little feet!

Ava also got to experience her first Bay to Breakers. It was CRAZY! She slept through most of it, amazingly. It was really loud and there were a ton of people. You will see from the pictures. Ava is really growing up, and is even napping in her crib now to get ready to transfer there at night in a few weeks. She really loves her crib and her nursery - I can see why though - it is so stylish.

Here are her latest photos!


Anonymous said...

Ava is getting so big! She has such blonde hair too - SO CUTE!

Cant wait to see you guys -

Kelly & Eric

Eric said...

Jill & Dave -


I just found out. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.