Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Off roading on the East Side

 Considering we were in Aruba for 4 months and never really went to the East Side (it is crazy to be fair), we rented a jeep during our last week and went off-roading.  We visited the crazy bat caves and the Natural Pool.  It was a super fun day - but man, it looks like a totally different island on that side!

 This is Will - he works for Dave in Aruba now! He is one of the nicest people on the planet.

Adam was in town doing some consulting work for Dave, so he came along and was the brave driver.


 These caves were full of bats - hundreds or thousands of them and you can just roam around them.  This would never happen in America. You can go through tiny tunnels and go as far as you want. We were going through a tiny tunnel when a bat flew in my face, so I went back out.  But Ava did it - she is so brave.

We swam and snorkeled in the natural pool - a Darwin award waiting to happen.  But, we made it out ok.

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