Friday, June 7, 2013

Next round: Grandparents visit

 In early May, my parents visited us in Aruba!  They stayed at the Marriott Surf Club, just 5  minutes from our house.  GG came along too - it was a fun week enjoying pools, boats, submarine's and family.

The Marriott had a huge pool - we spent every day swimming around, floating on the lazy river and using the water slide.

GG enjoyed time in the shade, mostly

We ate at some of our favorite restaurants, Moomba Beach of course!

Ava and Arlo got to try out the playground at the Marriott

The view from Tierra Del Sol Golf Resort - of course Adam had to visit it while in Aruba.  We had a nice little lunch there. 

And a surprise rainy day!

Adam wanted to do the wild floaty ride that is pulled by a boat.  It was pretty crazy - even though we look very chill about it all.  Ava kept screaming that she loved it, until she bonked her head and had a huge bump. She still remembers it fondly though.

Adam loved Pam

There was a crazy sunset - it almost looked fake

Adam had been looking forward to eating at Smokey Joes since they booked their trip to Aruba

View from their awesome room

On our way out to the submarine - which was super cool.  It was really the only way that Adam would ever see under the water and it was pretty spectacular. You go down to more than 130 ft deep.  Quite an experience.

Sunset catamaran cruise - we were incredibly lucky to see a ton of dolphins - babies too!  And, we saw hundreds of flying fish.

Cute little Arlo and his bunny

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