Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ethan's visit and a lost tooth!

It was so fun to have my longtime manager at eBay, Pat, and his family visit Aruba for 10 days.  We saw them nearly every day of the holiday.  Ava was SO happy to have a playmate for 10 days - they swam, hunted for lizards, ate dinner together, and more.  They got along so well - what a fun visit!

One night we went to Benihana, which opened only 4 days prior.  The kids loved it.

 They helped to cook - breaking eggs with a spatula!

Dave didn't do as well as Ava and Ethan.  

Then, all the sudden while Ava was eating her rice, she ate a crunchy piece, which was her tooth!  Who loses a tooth eating soft rice?  Well, apparently her. You can see the adult tooth is already almost fully grown in, so it was definitely time. Now, the neighbor tooth is loose too.

The tooth fairy came all to the way to Aruba and left her 10 Florin - wow! That is almost 6 dollars!  Must have been because it was her first lost tooth. Or, because the tooth fairy doesn't carry around small change in Florin :)

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