Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Butterfly Farm

Pam (Ava's teacher), Ava and I went on Ava's first field trip in Aruba - to the butterfly farm!  It was really cute and despite the pictures showing no butterflies (I think they may be like ghosts and don't show up in pictures), they were constantly flying around us.  It was a pretty magical place.  We all wore our most colorful, flowery shirts so that the butterflies would land on us, which is apparently good luck. Some of us were lucky :)

And the best part is that we get free admission for the entire time we are in Aruba, so we will definitely be back.

These are the chrysalises - they were crazy beautiful.  I had no idea.

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dissignogary said...

Great photos. It looks like fun. And Ava has grown so much!