Saturday, October 24, 2009

At Grammy and Grandpa's again!

While Mommy and Daddy were in Africa, I got to stay with Grammy, Grandpa and Uncle Adam again! I had so much fun doing all sorts of things! I missed my Mommy and Daddy, but love getting to know Grammy, Grandpa and Uncle Adam better. Now that I am back home, I miss all of them.

I ate well!

Baby the cat liked me this time and let me play with her!

Grammy did lots of art projects with me - this was a snake I made....

I played outside in the sandbox a lot

I had fun playing in the whale pool!

I loved My Gym classes!

Getting ready for bed

Waking up!

Getting my nightly bath

At the pumpkin patch with Grammy and Uncle Adam

Playing with Mary Jane's dogs (Grammy and Grandpa's neighbor!)

Just hanging out

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