Saturday, October 24, 2009

Africa 2009

We were lucky enough to take another trip to Africa (our 3rd in two years!), while Ava stayed with Grammy and Grandpa. This time, we went to Morocco, Egypt, Tanzania and Zanzibar. It was an amazing, tiring, relaxing, productive trip. Here are a sampling of our photos. Enjoy!

Some of the few pictures we took in Casablanca

Around Marrakech

Amine's parent's houses in Morocco - they were so nice to host us and were WONDERFUL hosts at that!

Casablanca city house
Casablanca beach house
Marrakech house
Dinner at Amine's house - one of the 5 course meals we had...there were many and they were delicious!

Pretty obvious where we are

A 5000 year-old boat they found buried near the Pyramids - isn't it crazy it is still in such good shape!

Mosques in Cairo

House in Dar es Salaam (in Wyaninamala) - we are the only mzungos in town

In our neighborhood

Around Dar

Day trip to Bongoyo island off Dar

Where did Gary go?
He's back

The "white" area of Dar es Salaam - could be anywhere!

Hanging out in Zanzibar

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! Your dinner looked AMAZING! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time - I can't wait to hear all about it!