Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Curaçao for Easter Weekend

 We spent the long Easter weekend in Curacao - 1) because we wanted to see it and 2) because we had to leave Aruba and come back in order to be allowed to stay another 60 days. It started out a bit abnormal, with the immigration officer screaming at us for not walking back and forth through the ropes in the immigration hall, even though there was not ONE other person there. She spewed a bunch of stuff about there being rules in her country and if she was in our country she would follow our rules, etc.  Keep in mind this is all in the tune of a woman at the DMV in Atlanta...picture it.  Then, when Dave put our passports on the counter for her to review, she proceeds to say she doesn't like how he put them down and to pick them back and up and do it again.  Wow, great welcome to Curacao!  Apparently it is known for antics like this.  Wish we were warned before we went!

This was by far the coolest pool we have ever been in - on the second floor, full of sand, but pumped ocean water that then spills over the edge as an infinity pool back into the ocean.  It was even cooler before Ava got stung by a micro jelly fish!  Good thing it only stung for about a half hour. A little vinegar and some ice and she was back in.

 Curacao had a really cool aquarium with dolphins, which Ava and I are both fond of.  Ava went down to the front for the show by herself in the super hot sun.
 Arlo and I hung out in the shade

 We all swam with the dolphins - even Arlo!  Ava is the only one that got a picture.

Curacao is full of little inlets like this, rather than long beaches like Aruba

 Happy Easter from Curacao!

The old Fort, now remodeled as a restaurants and shops area 

Hanging out at Jan Thiel - a pretty area with super nice houses and a cool "beach" area with nice restaurants. We enjoyed a full day at Papagayo there talking with some nice Dutch people and swimming, drinking and eating.  Followed by a nice pizza dinner at  Zanzibar and the amazing sunset.

Walking around Willemstad


I think this was the only photo taken of me on the trip - sadly, because it makes me look like I am unhappy.  I actually had a pretty wonderful time!

Curacao was...! 

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