Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long weekend in Sonoma

 Memorial Day Weekend in Sonoma!  We had the Hitch Family over on Saturday - Sunday and the Geerdinks from Sunday-Monday.  It was a great, relaxing weekend with wonderful friends.

Arlo loves to swing now and laughs the whole time!  Don't brother and sister look exactly alike???

 Cutie pie Frits playing in his little pool.  Soon Arlo will be playing in there!

Nandita and Jochem enjoying the nice weather

Katelyn was obsessed with holding Arlo - so she got her fill!

Ava hanging with one of her long time friends, Luke.  She loves him.  They were the first duo to sleep in the new bunk bed cubbies!

Swinging in Sonoma Square

I am so hot I can't stand it

 Ava and Nina swimming in the pool....for hours and hours!

Mommy and Arlo - my favorite boy in the whole world.

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