Thursday, December 23, 2010


Why we didn't do this sooner, I don't know. We spent one of our last days with Jana (Dave's office manager from work, but she was also a great friend of ours) and her family in her hometown village of Pardubice. Her family was so wonderful! Her mother treated us to a traditional Czech meal of Svíčková, which was delicious. Ava loved her father and played with him all day, sitting on his lap and talking away in English, even though he didn't know a word of it. We went to the old square of Pardubice to see the Christmas markets, have a coffee and see the petting zoo. We also visited the river and fed the ducks. The people in Pardubice were beautiful and kind, a far stretch from people in Prague. It was a great experience and we wish we had gone much earlier in our stay!

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