Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summer in Tahoe

It was time again for a camping trip to Tahoe - I love it there! This time we went with Nina and Luke! I had so much fun playing with them! Here I am with Daddy on the beach.

Here is Mom at nighttime after I went to bed!

This is little Nina - eating a water bottle! I used to love water bottles too.

Here are me and Luke - he is like my big brother. I followed him around all day and did whatever he did.

Here is Nandita and Nina at night! I think I was already asleep....

Here are Jochem, Daddy and Nandita hanging out around the fire pit.

And, Erin, Nina and John on the other side of the fire pit....

This is Mommy and me in our big tent!

We stopped in Davis on our way home...and I love this fountain!

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