Monday, August 25, 2008

Summertime; San Francisco Style

We had a little hiatus from the blog due to a lost, never found camera. Unfortunately, that lost camera had some great pictures of us on Erin, John and Luke's boat, and more importantly pictures AND videos of Mom and Dad wakeboarding, but oh well. No one will ever get to see how good they really aren't.

But, now we are back in action. Pictures and videos should be abound from here on out...depending on Mom's schedule.

We have been trying to stay close to home recently, given our schedules have been crazy before August, and will be crazy this Fall. We have spent time in parks, at picnics, at birthday parties and just enjoying the San Francisco summer (or lack thereof). I am getting older, wiser and very talkative. I am very serious when answering questions with a "yeah"(accompanied by a head nod) or "no" (with a shaking of the head). I know the difference now, and it amazes Mom and Dad how it just clicked with me one day. Also, I am eating with utensils quite good now, and RUNNING around. All in all, good times for me.

Here is Luke at his 3rd Birthday party in Stafford Park, Redwood City. It was my second birthday party of Luke's already! And Mom and Dad have been to all three!

I enjoyed lounging in the warm Redwood City sun...

And I REALLY like playing in the water in the park!

Then I watched Luke open his presents....and I got sleepy.

Messing around at home!

Bath time!

Daddy took me to the zoo one day when daycare was closed. It was fun to see all the animals and spend time with Daddy!

I also had a playgroup with all my April friends. They are all getting so big!

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