Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My first camping trip!

I didn't know it could be hot in Lake Tahoe, because I have only been there in the snow! So, what a surprise when mommy and daddy took me camping there and it was warm! I loved camping - dirt, sand and water (in that order). I could have played in all three for hours...in fact I did. I also loved hanging out in our new big tent!

In the below pictures we are in Point Reyes the weekend before - we set up the new tent to make sure we had a ll the pieces.

My mom and dad are fun!

I love water fountains!

Then the real trip came....and I love riding around in my backpack...

I like playing with Oliver in the sand and water...

Mommy took me in the water...brrrr....it was cold! (caution - image in picture may appear larger than reality....my mommy told me to put that since she is in a bathing suit!)

Here I am on the beach in Lake Tahoe - the first time I got to use my birthday beach towel from the Peades!
All in all, camping was great! I can't wait to go back!

I will leave you with a cute random picture of me.....

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