Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Out of Africa

We had a great trip to South Africa! I was a trooper on the 23 hours of flights each way and I enjoyed everyday, doing something different and exciting. And, all the people in South Africa love me! Everywhere I went, I got so much attention...when I got back home, I was wondering if I lost some of my cuteness.

We started off in London with a 10 hour layover - and then with the South Africa trip, that means I have already been on four continents in my one-year of life! I am one well-traveled baby.
In South Africa, I played on MANY swings - and they were all made of old tires! I think they are the best! I want to make one to use at home.

One of the coolest things I saw was a baboon on the road......
and then about a hundred meters away...some penguins!

We went on a several walks and hikes - this one was on Cape Point - looking down at the Cape of Good Hope!

We visited the beach at Camp's Bay...

the wine country in Franschoek....

the top of Table Mountain....

and Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was in political prison. Here I am in prison!

The most amazing thing I got to see though was the real South Africa - the kids! I loved them!

South Africa was GREAT!

The best thing is that my daddy won the World Bank competition while we were in Africa, which means he gets to do a project in Tanzania. This means mom and dad are going to Tanzania to help people have lights...and I might get to go someday too!

Here are more pictures from our trip - there is a lot!

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