Friday, March 7, 2008

February/March Sunshine!

February and March always brings welcome sunshine and warm weather, as least that is what I hear. Here I am enjoying the park on one warm day - just a few minutes after returning from Lake Tahoe, where it was 15 degrees!

We were in Tahoe for the weekend visiting Uncle Ralph and Aunt Carey, and all their friends! It was fun to be in the daycare with all the little kids while mom and dad went snowboarding. I got to ride around in a long cart around the resort!

In February we also went to Scottsdale to celebrate mom and dad's birthdays. I had fun playing with new toys at Nanny and Papa's house and seeing the sites of desert! I even got some playground time in!

Here I am coming home in the airport security line!

I have also become quite a pro in moving around.  I crawl, pull myself up, climb over things,go up steps and walk around...holding on to things!  I will probably be walking alone by the next blog post!

Here are the rest of my February/March pictures!

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K.J.W. said...

Ava you are so cute and growing up so fast!