Sunday, January 27, 2008

So far so good in 2008

2008 is turning out to be my best year yet! Considering I have started to try to crawl, I can eat solid foods like Cheerios, pasta, couscous, macaroni and cheese, etc, and my best accomplishment of the year so far - drinking out of a straw! I discovered this talent one day when I was at the Beach Chalet early in January - picture above. Now, I love to drink water all day long out of my water bottles with straws.

I have been doing lots of swinging on the weekends, and now I also go down the big slides at the park! Daddy puts me on the slide at the top, and mommy catches me at the bottom! I don't have any pictures because both mommy and daddy have very important jobs in the sliding process, which means there is no time for pictures. Here is a video of me swinging though!

I also have been playing a lot on the little cow scooter I got for Christmas. I love being pushed around on it, and always smile from ear to ear!

This past week I started going to a music class and I ABSOLUTELY love it. I was mesmerized by the woman who teaches the class, because she is so animated! I love music, so it is definitely the class for me. I love instruments and singing, and all the little kids are fun to be around too!

Last Friday I also got to see all of my friends for the first time in a long time! They were so much fun - I could have played with them all day! I am so lucky to have a whole group of friends the same age as me. I am so excited to grow up with them!

Today I met another friend for the first time. We went to Joanna and Jeremey's new house in Berkeley for brunch and got to meet Gia, Joanna's neice! She is the same age as me too! I had fun talking to her and playing with her. I also liked playing with some of her toys - I love a new set of interesting toys.

The next few weeks are sure to be exciting because I am sure I will be crawling around causing all sort of trouble. I will report back on the things I have discovered with new found transport!

Here are all the pictures from January!

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