Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ava's new BFF....and another trip to Charlotte!

December has been another busy month. The most exciting event of the month was the birth of my new best friend, Nina! She is still very young, but I love to pat her on the head and I know someday soon that we will run around together and get into all sorts of crazy things!

Mom got to see Nina, Nandita and Jochem only a short while after Nina was born - don't they look amazing already! I love Nina so much already! Nina has her own pictures blog - it is on my friends list to the right!

This month I also went to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Warner in Charlotte. I also got to see Uncle Adam and Uncle Ralph and Aunt Carey. It was fun to spend time with my family before the holidays. I got some really great presents from everyone! I love Christmas already! I can't wait to see them again - it is hard to be so far away from them.

This month I have also had some milestones. I have been eating solid food now, and I even started eating chunkier foods like pasta. I still don't have any teeth :( All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! I also learned how to clap - which I love to do! See the video below for an early rendition. I am even much better now. I also learned how to wave HI! I am AWESOME at it. At least that is what people tell me. And lastly, I am trying VERY hard to crawl. I can kinda crawl backwards. I will get it one of these days.

Other December photos here!

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